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Mark Wilson

President NetJets Europe

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of NetJets Transportes Aéreos based in Portugal, in October 2012. Mr Wilson previously worked as COO NTA and Director of Regulatory Affairs at NetJets Europe, which he joined in October 2007. He is a Director of Frankfurt-Egelsbach airport and a board member of the European Business Aviation Association.

Before joining NetJets Europe, Mr Wilson served as Chief Executive of the British Business and General Aviation Association, representing the private aviation industry in the UK and across Europe. He was the elected Chairman of the Advisory Board of the European Aviation Safety Agency from 2006 to 2009.

Mr Wilson began his professional career as Managing Director of UK aircraft manufacturer Britten-Norman. He graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of London and is a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Joe Bauer

Managing Director

Joe Bauer

Since October 2012, Joe Bauer is the Managing Director of the Hessische Flugplatz GmbH Egelsbach.

Until late summer of 2012, he was stationed in Portugal where he was appointed Director of Asset Management of NetJets Transportes Aéreos, in May 2010, a role in which he was responsible for future fleet specifications and requirements, operational focus on all environmental matters, and tactical and strategic airport access solutions that includes Egelsbach Airport.

Mr Bauer has worked for several years in management positions at NetJets Europe, namely as Hawker and Citation Assistant Fleet Manager, Citation Fleet Manager and then as Director of Flight Operations.

Prior to joining NetJets Europe, Bauer spent 20 years, as an officer, with the German Air Force flying the Phantom F-4F, and spent 3 years touring New Mexico as a Fighter Weapons Instructor working closely with the US Air Force. Mr Bauer has extensive flight operations experience serving in roles as Safety Officer, Standards Pilot, Instructor Pilot and Operations Officer.

During his time off and in balance to long working days, Mr Bauer enjoys reading and sports. Cycling is his favorite.

Simon Bock-Janning

Technical Director

Simon Bock-Janning

Simon Bock-Janning was appointed Technical Director of Hessische Flugplatz GmbH Egelsbach (HFG), based at Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport, in November 1997, where he is responsible for leading technical operations and development projects. Mr Bock-Janning previously worked in Air Traffic Supervision at HFG, which he joined in November 1995.

Prior to joining HFG, Mr Bock-Janning served in the German Air Force as Technical Director for an Air Defence Missile Squadron.

Mr Bock-Janning graduated with a degree in Business and Economics Education and is a board member of the Association of Regional Aerodromes (IDRF e.V. ) and a committee member of ADV . He holds a commercial pilot licence and is actively engaged in basic and advanced pilot training as an honorary Flight Instructor and Flight Examiner.