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The airport

In the midst of the European economic region of Rhein-Main, near the international airport of Frankfurt Rhein-Main and the metropolis of Frankfurt itself the Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport is located.

Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport features an optimal infrastructure and is accessible via two highways and a commuter railroad station.

The annual number of aircraft movements makes it the most popular airfield for general aviation in Germany. What the airport of Frankfurt Rhein-Main means for commercial aviation, Frankfurt-Egelsbach offers for general aviation, particularly for business aviation.

From Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport all European destinations are within easy reach, 365 days of the year.

The airfield is a home to many enterprises, such as Police Helicopter base, maintenance companies (MRO), flight schools and charter companies for planes and helicopters, suppliers, high-quality hospitality businesses as well as other service providers. In addition five aviation associations steeped in tradition are located at Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport.