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The beginning of Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airfield goes back to 1953 when a model aircraft club organised a competition in the Southwest section of the community. Also glider plane pilots were present and rave about the good thermals. You are in search of a suitable domicile? The mayor will be more than happy! He expected a stimulating effect from the aviation activities on his municipality. Also the State of Hesse took notice long ago and saw a relief function of Egelsbach Airfield for the general aviation business at Frankfurt Airport.

In 1955 the Hessische Sport Flugplatz and Verkehrsflugplatz GmbH was established with municipal participation. There is a lot to do! The grass runway bore the infamous name "Texas runway". So far, only one telephone connection existed. However, progress came quite fast. Respected companies like Röder Präzision settled, also numerous flight clubs from the Rhine-Main area.

In the first year with statistics 1956 at least 37,000 planes were recorded taking off and landing. The glider plane air traffic represented almost a third of the total at that time. Twenty motorized planes were stationed. To signal the start, the flag was swung and the flare gun was fired.

The year 1961 marked the end of glider flights for safety reasons (because of the proximity of the Frankfurt Airport) and Egelsbach became the first pure airfield for powered flight of general aviation in Germany. Since 1965 Egelsbach is the most frequented filed German airfield in this segment. In 1966 the 900-metre-long concrete runway, which brought once more a strong impetus with the aircraft movements, was inaugurated. Soon the the threshold of 100,000 movements was hit. 1972 marks a record year with more than 126,000 starts and landings, making airfield history.

While for reasons of noise prevention the number of the training flights were reduced, the infrastructure was expanded – including the construction of hangars - and prominent companies of the aviation industry settle here. In 2001 the restaurant „Schuhbeck's Check Inn“ opened as a new show case business for the airport. In 2004 the Hessische Flugplatz GmbH Egelsbach (HFG) reopens the runway, extended by 410 meters to 1,400 metres, which brought a substantial benefit in safety and alloweds the retention of commercial air traffic.

In 2015 the HFG celebrated its 60th birthday. The airfield has become Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport a long time ago and is now an invaluable element of the dynamic economic Rhine-Main Region. The owners of roughly 200 airplanes use it as their home airfield today, countless passengers and pilots use it as a launch pad. More than 700 employees in over 25 enterprises guarantee a comprehensive service to customers.