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Noise Mitigation

HFG, the operator of Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport has been operating two stationary aircraft noise monitoring units since 2004. A third stationary noise monitoring unit has been installed in September 2013.

In the year of 2009, HFG introduced the Quiet Airport Programme (QAP). An integral part of the QAP was the implementation of two additional noise monitoring units. In the meantime one of these units is firmly installed on the roof of the townhouse of Egelsbach, the other one, a mobile unit is in use since August 2011.

The three stationary stations are in close proximity of the runway where they measure aircraft noise. In this case, the surrounding noise (e.g. road traffic, railway, agriculture, aircraft movements from Frankfurt Airport) will be filtered out, as much as possible. The recorded data are compiled and documented in a monthly report and sent out to controlling authorities as well as to the members of the noise commission.