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Hessische Flugplatz GmbH Egelsbach
Phone : +49 (0)6103-9418-0
E-Mail : fly@egelsbach-airport.com

How to find us

Egelsbach is also accessible by car or train.

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Highway A5 (Frankfurt/Darmstadt)
- exit Langen-Mörfelden
- take the B486 towards Langen
- turn right at the traffic lights (sign-posted airfield)
- follow the main road through to Egelsbach
- turn right after approximately 1000m (sign-posted airfield)

Highway A661 (from Frankfurt)
- end of Highway
- cross B3 (Darmstadt/Langen), go straight ahead
- turn left after the railway underpass (sign-posted airfield)

Egelsbach station / S-Bahn stop
- follow Hans-Fleißner-Straße in southerly direction
- go straight ahead, cross Kreisstraße K168
- Approximately 20 minutes walk

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