Since 1953

The roots of our airport begin in 1953, when the location was used by a model flight group for a competition.

In 1955 the Hessischen Sport- und Verkehrsflugplatz GmbH (Hessisch Sport and Airport GmbH) was established with municipal shareholders. At this time the grass airstrip received its infamous name “Texas Runway.”

Important companies like Röder Präzision and countless aviation clubs from the Rhein-Main Area establish themselves at the airport at this time.

Years 1956 – 1966


In the first statistically recorded year of 1956, over 37,000 planes took off and landed from Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport. One third of these were glider planes.

In 1961 the use of glider planes was banned due to safety reasons. Egelsbach is now the first motor-only airport for general aviation in all of Germany.

In 1965 Egelsbach become the busiest airport for motorized aviation.

In the year 1966 the 900 m concrete runway was inaugurated. This allowed an increase of flight movements to over 100,000 yearly.

Years 1972 – 2001

The year 1972 was a record year for the Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport, with more than 126,000 takeoffs and landings.

Due to noise restrictions, the amount of training flights had to be reduced. At the same time, further hangars were continuously being built, which resulted in the establishment of several important companies.

In 2004 the runway was extended to 1400 meters. This renovation ensured more safety for all.

Year 2015


In 2015, we celebrated our 65th birthday. At this time, over 200 aircraft and companies called Egelsbach home, bringing countless pilots and passengers through our doors.

Currently, over 30 companies and 700 employees call Frankfurt-Egelsbach home, ensuring well-round service offers in all areas.

What Frankfurt International Airport offers to the international aviation industry, is comparable to our services for regional general and business aviation in Germany.

Since 2020


Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport relieves Frankfurt International Airport primarily through regional general and business aviation flights – together they are a central factor for the economy in the region.

Since January 2020 TRIWO AG has been the new majority shareholder of the Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport.