Important changes in the airspace EDFE/EDDF

Dear customers, dear pilots,

please note the changes to the airspace structure in the Frankfurt and Egelsbach area that will come into effect on March 21.
These changes include:

  • Increase in the lower limit of airspace “C” Frankfurt from 1,500 FT to 2,500 FT
  • New establishment of airspace “D” (non CTR) around the CTR in the altitude band 1,500 FT to 2,500 FT

PPR Request

PPR Requests can be flexibly lodged anytime online.

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Jets/Turboprops and MEP-SEP Approach Speed Category (APC) B-C

Pilots of jet, propeller turbine powered aircraft and MEP/SEP APC B & C must have completed an online briefing for approach & departures at day  and night.

Ultralight Aircraft

Takeoffs and landings with an ultralight aircraft require an approved PPR Request.

Click here to submit a PPR Request.

AIP VFR Extracts

Keeping the skies safe.

Here you can find visual operation charts, airport maps
and extracts from the AIP VFR.


Planned takeoffs from Egelsbach with following VFR-IFR change over, require a Z-Flightplan.

Here you can find the takeoff plan.

Fuel Prices and TRIWO-FUEL-CARD

So that you can arrive at your destination:
Refuel at Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport!

Here you can find a list with current fuel prices
and the application for our TRIWO FUEL Card.

Fees and Remuneration

Fair and transparent. For all holders or pilots from aircraft at Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport.

Here you can find a list of the current fees and remunerations.


Get an overview of the current weather conditions
at the airfield via our webcam.

Hangar Leasing

We offer weather protected spaces to safely park your aircraft.
Open air spaces in front of the hangars are also available.

We look forward to your request

Hangar Overview Plan

Our airfield offers many hangar spaces
as parking areas for aircraft.

Here you can get an overview
of the various hangars.